About Interior Transformations


Danit Ben-Ari, Owner

Danit founded Interior Transformations  in 1997 and her passion for design continues to grow.  In addition to the pleasure of creating beautiful spaces, Danit finds particular satisfaction in the transformation that clients experience when they begin to visualize and take ownership of the design process – inevitably emerging with more confidence and pleasure in their ability to express themselves, and energized by the collaborative process that results in marvelously unique and harmonious expressions of who they are, where they come from and where they hope to be.

Danit’s expertise enables her to offer each client an expanded vision and vocabulary of color, fabric, furnishings, lighting, design and composition, reaching into a rich selection of building materials, art, rugs and more.  Her network provides an exciting range of sources for these elements, which ultimately excite possibilities and animate a full spectrum of residential, professional and public spaces.

Danit’s uniquely apt skill set is cultivated from her educational and creative development:   From her Master’s education at the Jane Addams College of Social Work, she draws on a deep listening ability, engaging and expanding communication with clients; from three decades of study and performance in ballet, modern jazz and theater, she brings an artistic sense of inspired movement, grace and expression; from her extensive travels, she offers inspiration drawn from a variety of cultural design vernaculars.

To her continued delight, Danit has discovered that all of these experiences empower her and her clients to realize, integrate and harmonize the many disparate elements that go into expressing a vision that results in truly remarkable interior transformations.

As Danit is often heard to remark about her work– “It’s intrapersonal and creative:  What could be better?”